Imagine a new technology, so innovative to allow the cold forming of very high precision parts, easily, at speed never reached before, without vibrations, with absolute zero clearance of ram and transfer, saving space in the shop floor, with drastically reduced changeover time, without the need of expert operators and saving 50% of electrical energy: welcome intoMANZONI MACHINERYworld.

MANZONI MACHINERYpart formers: surprising, starting from price.

The only header in the world without bronze liners: Absolute Zero Play on Ram and Transfer

Frame and ram made of Steel: sturdiness, rigidity and higher resistance

Very high precision and speed without any vibration

Linear wire feed with grippers

Vector motor with double encoder and torque control: high performance even at low speed and energy consumption reduced by 50%

High speed bushing knife: great precision and cut-off accuracy

Easy and fast tool change with the system Read, Set and Go® and the innovative program Manzoni Slow Motion Ram®

Easy Move Control Panel® with user friendly Touch Screen easily moveable where needed by the operator

Transfer fingers with Manzoni Extra Deep Forming®: very deep holes and big head diameters

MANZONI MACHINERY:the only headers in the world guaranteed 3 years, designed in Italy and built in China by Italian engineers